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'When you have come to the edge Of all light that you know, And are about to drop off into the darkness Of the unknown, Faith is knowing One of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly'
Author Unknown.

Through this journey, no matter what we've faced....our Faith has taught us how to 'stand' and 'how to fly'

Please join us on our journey of Hope. Some times we are 'standing' and some times we are 'flying' - but one thing is for sure....our two amazing children (Will and Sasha) have been the biggest blessings in our lives.
While they struggle through life-threatening illnesses, they also show us how incredible life truly is. Their joy, laughter, fierceness, and tender spirits lift us and carry us through any storm we've had to weather!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

First entry....

Well, it's my first I guess I'll just start simple.
I'm sitting here at my computer watching Will, Sasha and Ralph clean up the playroom.
Simply put, it's business as usual here.

I've considered all of the things that the week ahead will hold....and, for the moment, I am enjoying a lazy moment - there will be none of that next week as we will be at 'full speed ahead' with planning, organizing, and coordination of our trip to Atlanta for Sasha as well as getting things in order for our blood drive.

It's funny, I don't think I can really recall when I last had a 'Lazy Day' - but, in all reality - I don't really mind being keeps my mind off of things.

We're holding a blood drive on Saturday, Feb. 7th here locally. I always get really emotional when I think about what we're 'really' doing. We're not just having a blood drive, we're giving people an opportunity to SAVE a could be a father, a mother, a child, a husband, a wife, a
sister, a brother, a cousin, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent.

How amazing it is to be able to provide people an opportunity to save a life! I feel like it's not only a privelige that we can do this for those in need - but it's also something I am compelled to do.

I'll never forget the first blood drive Ralph and I did back in 2007. It was a small blood drive, Children's Hospital sent their bloodmobile to us - we had 36 slots to fill. All of the blood donations that day went to Children's Hospital patients and the Jimmy Fund patients. When all was said and done, I sat alone in the warmth of the sun and just cried tears of joy because I realized the impact that ONE person had. Each blood donation had the ability to save the lives of up to 4 children. We had 27 pints.
That day, because of our efforts and the AMAZING kindness of close friends, family and even complete strangers, we were able to change/save up to 108 children!
Stop for a moment and think about that.....108 children had the chance of being helped - and all I could think of was, what if my children were part of that 108 that were in need....MAN it hit me.
I decided that, from that point on, it would be my mission to get out there and do blood drives as much as possible. I figured, if, in one day we could help 108 children - imagine what we could do if we did MANY more days like this. It was decided....we were 'officially' on a mission!
I was going through the totals this morning of all of our blood drives combined - it felt really good to see a working total. So far, our drives have brought in a total of 544 donors! If you figure that each pint can help up to 3 adults or 4 children, that's a potential 1694-2120 lives that our community has touched!
Anyway, Saturday kicks off our season of blood drives, awareness, and fundraising for Team Hope ( and we're SO excited for all of the Promise this year holds.
We hope our local friends and family can find some time to come out and either donate blood or help out with sign in/canteen!
Okay...I'm signing off for now. I have to get ready for my aunt to come here (SO excited to have her with us!) and then I'm off to sing at Grace.....

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